Educational Programs at MAC

Nutrition Ag-Ventures - (September - October, March - May)

In this Food-Comes-From-The-Farm series, students learn how many farms it takes to make a pizza. As pizza is the most popular item of choice among today's youth, students learn about how plants grow and all the work it takes to bring healthy, nutritious food to the table. Educational Take-Back-To-The-Classroom activities are provided to help further the Ag-Literacy experience.

Food Program

Amazing Corn Festival - (October, November)

For thousands of years, corn has been a major staple in our diets. We have grown, ground, and gobbled it down! Students are participants in a variety of educational activities ranging from harvesting, grinding and tasting corn products to creating corn-art .

Corn Fields

Desert Ag-Ventures - (January, February)

The Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC Farm) brings in thousands of learners of all ages. During the months of January and February, a special series entitled 'Desert Ag-Ventures' opens up to let seniors and winter visitors learn about arid land agriculture. Most of the world's agriculture takes place in arid environments, so this is a great opportunity for adults from around our nation and Canada to learn about and experience Arizona's agriculture in a fun way.

Seniors at Farm

Water Science Ag-Ventures - (September - October, January - March)

Junior and high school students participate in water science education depicting the importance of water conservation and the water cycle. This series is a hands-on experience that engages individuals and emphasizes team work in learning about water science.

Teens at Field


Garden Ag-Ventures - (March, April, May)

Vegetables are a very important part of our diet. Elementary aged students learn about healthy nutrition, growing techniques, effects of weather, insects, and have the chance to harvest vegetables (depending on harvest conditions).

Young Kids at Vegetable Fields

Summer Ag Institute - (June)

Agriculture is a fascinating industry which provides one out of every five jobs in the United States. Surprisingly, few individuals really understand how food and fiber is produced. The study of agriculture needs to be introduced in Arizona's classrooms.

The Arizona Foundation for Ag-Literacy and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension presents the Summer Agricultural Institute as part of its ongoing program to introduce information about agriculture into Arizona's school system.

The Summer Agricultural Institute is activity based and encourages teachers to participate in a variety of agricultural activities so they can incorporate what they learn into their classroom curriculum. During this five day experience, one day is spent at the MAC Farm learning about the research, extension, and educational program opportunities available at this center.

Summer Ag Institute


For more information about SAI, contact MAC Ag-Literacy project leader, Cinda Willittes at (520) 374-6216.

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