Directory Page

Pedro Andrade

Associate Specialist Precision Ag - Associate Professor

Isadora Bordini

Assistant In Extension - Cotton Integrated Pest Management

Natalie Brassill

Assistant In Extension - Environmental Water Quality

Paul Cluff

General Maintenance Mechanic

Jessica Dery

Assistant In Extension - Water Quality and Food Safety

Jose Dias

Assistant Professor & Extension Weed Scientist

Wayne Dixon

Assistant in Extension - IPM Assessment - Pesticide Education

Jose Estrada

Assistant in Research, Pesticide Management

Al Fournier

IPM Program Manager; Associate Specialist in Entomology

Dawn Gouge

Specialist and Professor - Public Health Entomology

John Heun

Staff Engineer - Precision Agriculture

Lucy Li

Associate in Extension -- Public Health Entomology

Curtis Main

Systems Programmer & Records Information Management

Shaku Nair

Associate in Extension -- Community IPM

Naomi Pier

Assistant In Extension - Agronomic Crops IPM

Channah Rock

Specialist and Professor - Environmental Science

Charles Sanchez

Research Scientist, Soil, Water & Environmental Science

Vince Thacker

Facilities Management Assistant Director