Diaa Elshikha

Assistant Professor
Irrigation Specialist

Dr. Diaa Elshikha is an Assistant Irrigation Specialist in the Biosystems Engineering Department at University of Arizona. He is stationed at the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center. He has a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona. He worked as a research scientist for the University of Arizona and the USDA ARS Arid Land Agricultural Research Center from 2012 to August 2022. He conducted research in guayule irrigation methods and remote sensing of crop water status, as well as assisted in irrigation research projects in wheat and cotton.  


Dr. Elshikha's extension program will emphasize adoption of high efficiency irrigation systems, optimization of all irrigation systems, detection of crop water status through remote sensing and in-situ soil sensors, optimization of water application for maximum water use efficiency, irrigation scheduling techniques and models, and adoption of low water use crops, such as guayule. He looks forward to collaborating with growers in all sections of the State of Arizona in order to optimize irrigation for the wide diversity of crops in the state. His experiments will focus on lowering water use and improving water productivity in various crops by using more efficient irrigation systems and water saving techniques.